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Some details of the operation of units of the Separate Combined-Arms Army in Nakhchivan, which culminated in the capture of two strategic heights, have become known.

According to the information distributed by the Military News group in the Vkontakte social network, Azerbaijani troops took Gizilgay mount, located 1683 metres above the sea level, which used to give the enemy the opportunity to control and keep under gunfire the village of Gunnut. The strategic importance of this height is that it allows to control the Yerevan-Goris-Gafan-Lachin highway.

The heights around the village of Gunnut had been captured by Armenian troops on May 9, 1992, as a result of which the enemy could keep the village under fire. Then the village remained on the neutral strip between the positions of Armenian and Azerbaijani troops. However, as a result of the operation of the Azerbaijani army Gunnut village was brought out of the enemy’s firing range.

The Azerbaijani Defence Ministry does not comment on the progress of our troops in Nakhchivan, Azeri Daily reports. However, several days ago Edik Baghdasaryan, the editor-in-chief of the Armenian Internet publication Hetq, the well-known Armenian military reporter, said that the Azerbaijani Army advanced on the front line in Nakhchivan and took control of huge territories. This statement is widely discussed in the Armenian segment of social networks, however, the Armenian Defence Ministry also does not comment on this information.

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Armenian police sent to border with Azerbaijan

The Azeri Times



On August 23, the first units of the Armenian internal troops will leave for the border with Azerbaijan. As reported by Azeri Daily with reference to the Armenian media, the head of the police of Armenia Valery Osipyan said this at the preparatory meeting in connection with the sending to the border of the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees.

‘Police troops are distinguished by their discipline. You have many years of experience, there are commanders who have passed the military way. I am more than sure that you will accomplish your mission with honour,’ said Osipyan to the commanders of internal troops.

The head of the Armenian police reminded that in April 2016 police troops participated in military operations in Karabakh, and promised at the first opportunity to arrive at the positions.

The first watch of the Armenian internal forces will be held in the Tavush region on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

It should be reminded that Defence Minister David Tonoyan proposed to send Armenian Internal Troops to combat duty on the border with Azerbaijan.

As is known, due to the acute shortage of military personnel experienced by the Armenian army in occupied Karabakh and on the border with Azerbaijan, residents of nearby villages were periodically recruited for combat duty. As a result, because of the lack of military discipline, unpleasant incidents occurred.

It is assumed that after the deployment of the internal troops units on the border with Azerbaijan, the Armenian Defence Ministry will have the opportunity to send additional troops to Karabakh. The fact is that there is a shortage of Armenian troops on the contact line. Many posts have only two or three servicemen on duty, and at some points of observation there is no one at all.

As noted by Valery Osipyan, in order to repulse the counter-offensive undertaken by two or three units of the Azerbaijani Army in April 2016, not only the occupation forces of Nagorno-Karabakh, but also the internal forces troops from Armenia were mobilised.

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Kocharyan returning to politics after arrest

The Azeri Times



He again stated that the accusations against him were fabricated and that he is ready to meet with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

Former Armenian President Robert Kocharian has announced his return to politics in a statement released on 16 August. His return follows his recent release from custody.

“Consider that I have definitely returned [to politics]. It may be in different formats. I can tell you about the reasons that prompted me to return to politics. Two reasons.

“The first is the geopolitical threats that I see today. Just look at the map and see which countries surround us and what kind of relations we have with them. Today, Russian-American relations are at the lowest level since the Cold War; [there are] new sanctions, [and consider] the state of US-Iranian relations.

“And look at the behavior of Turkey. This is a different state than ten years ago. They aspired to the European Union and this has limited them in terms of aggressive policies and interference in the internal affairs of their neighbours. We know about Turkey’s relations with Azerbaijan and the unresolved Karabakh conflict.

“And try to connect it all … We have a government that, in my opinion, does not understand all this. That does not have experience. That does not understand that in this situation only a powerful army is the true guarantee of our statehood.”


Robert Kocharyan was the President of Armenia from 1998 to 2008. His arrest is connected to the events of 1 and 2 March, 2008. Following the presidential elections on 18 February 2008, supporters of the first president of Armenia, Levon Ter-Petrosyan, demanded an investigation into the election results, claiming Levon Ter-Petrosyan won the election instead of Kocharyan. Thousands of protesters occupied the central square in Yerevan, taking part in demonstrations round the clock until 1 March.

On 1 March, military-grade weapons were used in the dispersal of crowds. Eight civilians and two police officers were killed in the process. Kocharyan was still the president of the country at the time of these events. According to data from the Central Electoral Commission, President Serzh Sargsyan was elected. However, he had not yet taken office.

Robert Kocharian also said that he is concerned about the relations between Armenia and Russia and the rhetoric of the Armenian government regarding Moscow:

“Russia is not a country with which one can speak in the language in which the Armenian authorities speak today. This is our strategic partner, with which cooperation is very important for our security.”

•  Why was the former president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan arrested and why was he released?

Robert Kocharian also once again stated that the current authorities fabricated the lawsuit against him. He believes that what is happening with him is the elimination of political opponents. Robert Kocharian considers the decision of the court on his release a victory of his lawyers.

“This is not the case when you can say that this or that part of the charge is weak or strong. All charges were based on false, falsified, artificial evidence and conclusions,” he stated.

Kocharyan called for making the trial public and giving the public an opportunity to get acquainted with the details of the criminal case.

“Let the defending side publicly speak about everything connected with the case. You will see that the whole thing is artificial, this is a model of classical political persecution,” he said.

The former president also announced he was ready to meet with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan:

“Of course I’m ready to meet with him. I never avoided negotiations, I was always ready for them.”

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Pashinyan: My predecessors wanted to surrender Karabakh

The Azeri Times



The case of March 1 was fully disclosed, Nikol Pashinyan said during the rally in Yerevan. According to him, there is no option for a single leader of this crime to escape responsibility. Those guilty of killing ten people on March 1, 2008 will be punished.

‘Now, many people, realising that their hours are numbered, that their place is in prison, that they will answer to the people, began to present themselves as victims of political persecution,’ the Armenian premier stressed.

‘All of you will be imprisoned as assassins, I am authorised to declare it on behalf of the Armenian people, citizens of Armenia,’ Pashinyan said.

He pointed out that some people say that a ‘civil war’ is possible in Armenia: ‘Civil war can only be in your offices. How many citizens’ support do you have to start a civil war? 17 former corrupt officials and 22 other fakes. This is your civil support,’ Pashinyan said.

According to him, if someone once again threatens a ‘civil war,’ the National Security Service of Armenia will deal with it.

* * *

‘I will not sign a single piece of paper on Karabakh in secret from you. If there is an option, I will come here, I will introduce it to you, and you will decide whether we should act on this option or not,’ said Nikol Pashinyan during the rally on the Republic Square in Yerevan.

He accused his opponents of acquiring media, creating fake accounts in social networks and spreading rumours that the Pashinyan government came to power allegedly in order to ‘surrender the territories.’

According to Pashinyan, in fact it was his predecessors who planned to do it, and he has all the documents at his fingertips that confirm this.

‘We are ready for a peaceful settlement, but anyone who tries to suspect me of the intention to surrender the territories does not understand that the issue is not decided by the government, but by the people,’ Pashinyan added.

He stressed that he has not entered into any talks on Karabakh so far.

* * *

‘Today the Armenian people are more united than ever. Today is the day of victory for the entire Armenian people. This is a rally of the unity of the Armenian people,’ said Nikol Pashinyan, writes Aysor.

In their hands the rally participants hold posters with the crossed out portrait of Serzh Sargsyan.

Nikol Pashinyan also addressed the April events, as a result of which Serzh Sargsyan resigned, which, according to him, became possible only thanks to the Armenian people, not the West or the North.

‘The strength that made this unprecedented event possible, exceptional and powerful, is the Armenian people, the citizen proud and with dignity, the Diaspora, every Armenian… The direct rule of the people, the direct power of the people was established in Armenia,’ the prime minister said.

* * *

A rally was held at the Republic Square in Yerevan, convened by the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. During the rally, Pashinyan sums up his work in 100 days.

At the rally, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in support of the incumbent government of Armenia and Nikol Pashinyan.

‘This rally is not directed against anyone,’ Pashinyan said, adding that the action only symbolises 100 days of people’s victory in the ‘velvet revolution.’

He also noted that what happened was exactly a revolution, because there was a change in the system of government.

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