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This article was published on 30 May 2018 at 11:19 PM. It has 205 views so far.

Armenian users of social networks distributed photos showing the progress of the Azerbaijani army and the liberation of new strategic heights. Armenian participants of the group ‘Military News’ in the social network ‘Vkontakte’ note that after the liberation of new heights the village of Areni came under total control of the Azerbaijani army. (

‘New positions of the Azerbaijani army over the village of Areni. These are new photos. The village was completely transferred under the control of the Azerbaijani army. Our positions remained below, and the Azerbaijani positions are at the top. Residents of the village are in panic. Don’t believe those who deny it. It’s better to come and see for yourself,’ wrote user Siranush Tumanyan, commenting on the widespread photos.

This fact was confirmed also by the Press Secretary of the Ministry of Defence of Armenia, Artsurun Hovhannisyan.

‘Yes, the Azerbaijani army has established new posts in the direction of the village of Areni. But there is no reason for panic. Azerbaijan has established positions within its territory. We ourselves have many dominant heights and positions. And often discussions in social networks simply hinder us in solving problems. I ask for restraint,’ said Hovhannisyan.

Recall that earlier we wrote that the special forces of the Independent Combined-Arms Army in Nakhchivan advanced along the neutral zone and liberated new heights, including the height of the Gizilgaya in the Sharur region.

As a result, the village Gunnut, which since 1992 was controlled by the Armenian army, was withdrawn from the enemy firing range. In addition, the Azerbaijani Army was given the opportunity to control the Yerevan-Goris-Lachin road.