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This article was published on 30 December 2017 at 09:03 PM. It has 342 views so far.

Operational and investigative measures in the criminal case initiated by the State Security Service (SSS) on the theft of more than three million manats by a group of cybercriminals operating outside Azerbaijan continue, Azeri Daily was told by the Department of Public Relations of the State Security Service.

According to the information, criminals illegally entered the computer networks of Azerbaijani banks, made money transfers, withdrew money from ATMs in a non-contact way, and also committed other illegal actions.

Within the framework of the criminal case initiated under articles 177.3.2 (Theft with causing major damage) and 273.4 (Illegal interference in the computer system or computer information) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan, on December 30, 2017, after foreign trials, foreign citizen Sergey Aksentyevich Petrovich was extradited to Azerbaijan.

Currently, the investigative and operational activities in the case continue.

The Azerbaijani SSS provides legal assistance to law enforcement agencies of partner countries, where this group also committed similar cybercrimes.