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This article was published on 17 April 2018 at 03:21 PM. It has 190 views so far.

A journalist in Ukraine under threat of extradition to Azerbaijan is said to have returned home to the Netherlands.

On 17 April, Azerbaijani journalist and political emigre Ganimat Zahid posted on Facebook that journalist Fikrat Huseynli returned to the Netherlands where he is a citizen.

On 14 October 2017, Huseynli flew from Dusseldorf to Kyiv where he was detained at the airport on an Interpol request from Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani authorities have accused him of fraud and illegally crossing the state border. On 2 April, the Pecherskyi District Court in Kyiv finally ruled to end extradition proceedings and return the journalist’s passport.

Turan News Agency has been unable to contact the journalist. Huseynli’s lawyer, Dmitry Mazurok, told Turan that he was unaware of Huseynli’s departure from Ukraine, but he confirmed that Huseynli’s passport had been returned. According to Mazurok, another hearing in his client’s case was scheduled for 19 April.

In 2006, Huseynli was brutally beaten by masked men in Azerbaijan while he worked for the opposition newspaper Azadliq. In 2008, the journalist fled to the Netherlands, where he eventually received political asylum.