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This article was published on 04 July 2018 at 03:24 PM. It has 115 views so far.

The administrative head of Azerbaijan’s second-largest city and one of his bodyguards have been wounded in an armed attack, officials say.

Authorities said Elmar Valiyev, head of Ganca’s executive power, and the bodyguard were hospitalized with various injuries after being shot by an individual in front of Valiyev’s office late on July 3. According to some news channels Mayor’s bodyguard died later in the hospital. Government controlled media did not report the incident and still keeps in secret.

The two were said to be in “satisfactory” condition.

A suspect was detained and charged with intentional homicide and illegal purchase of firearms.

In a joint statement, the Prosecutor-General’s Office, the Interior Ministry, and the State Security Service said they established a joint team to investigate the attack.

There was no immediate information about the possible motive behind the shooting.