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This article was published on 23 February 2018 at 10:19 PM. It has 243 views so far.

Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan Zakir Garalov is concerned about the delay in extradition of the journalist of “Turan TV” channel Fikret Huseynli, who, due to persecution at home, received refugee status and Dutch citizenship, stated his letter to Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, a copy of which is available to the Ukrainian edition of the Center for Information on Human Rights.

“Delaying the decision on his extradition concerns us , because his so-called defenders resort to all measures to evade justice.” Besides, the rights of defrauded victims of his fraudulent actions both in Azerbaijan and abroad are violated,” wrote Garalov in a letter on January 12, 2018.

In addition, he assures that “reliable facts are established” that Fikret Huseynli flew to Ukraine to destabilize the situation of the country and takes part in rallies and other political events that contradict the national interests of Ukraine.

However, which kind of peaceful assembly he visits – the Prosecutor General does not specify. In the attachment to the letter, he adds a joint black-and-white photo of Fikret Huseynli and Saakashvili.

The Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan complains that officials of a number of embassies of Western countries interfere with the process of considering the extradition of journalists through the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, but which Garalov does not even mention.

In the attachment to the letter, the Prosecutor General also added material from the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with reference to “the publication of, which cooperates with the Azerbaijani authorities to produce fakes.”

The Center for Information on Human Rights reported that on February 19, Pechersky District Court of Kiev for the second time postponed the trial on the case of Fikret Huseynli.

Fikret Huseynli worked in Azerbaijan for the opposition newspaper Azadlig. In March 2006 he was kidnapped and beaten by masked men in the village of Patamdar in Baku, as a result of which he received severe injuries, including knife wounds. On May 8, 2008, the journalist emigrated from Azerbaijan. He received refugee status in the Netherlands and is now a citizen of this country.

Fikret Huseynli spoke about the phone call in March 2017 from a man who called himself a representative of the presidential apparatus. The man promised free entry to Azerbaijan if the journalist removes his Facebook page, stops his work on Turan TV and visits the Azerbaijani Embassy in the Netherlands.

“Then you can safely visit your parents, and if you refuse, we will look for you through Interpol,” he said. On October 14, 2017 Ukrainian border guards detained Huseynli at the airport “Borispol” on the basis of Azerbaijan’s request. In Kiev, the journalist flew to open a branch of the satellite TV channel “Turan TV”.

The Azerbaijani authorities filed a lawsuit against the journalist, accusing him of illegally organizing the emigration of Azerbaijanis and obtaining refugee status abroad. The journalist rejects all charges of investigators and says that he has not been in Azerbaijan for 10 years.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands informed the lawyer of the journalist in The Hague about the removal of the red card in the Interpol database about the search for Huseynli because of the discrepancy between the request of Article 2 (1) and 3 of the Statute of Interpol.

The journalist previously addressed, in particular, to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko “to help return to the Netherlands.”

“Unfortunately, I remain in Ukraine as a political hostage of Azerbaijan, a hostage to those forces that are managed from the Kremlin.” I have no right to leave Kiev, my passport was taken away, I turned into a man without rights. “I lost my job in the Netherlands, and I have to make debts to live in Kiev, I ask you to help me to return my passport and return safely to the Kingdom of the Netherlands,” Fikrat Huseynov wrote in his appeal.