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This article was published on 29 May 2018 at 01:26 PM. It has 123 views so far.

Some details of the operation of units of the Separate Combined-Arms Army in Nakhchivan, which culminated in the capture of two strategic heights, have become known.

According to the information distributed by the Military News group in the Vkontakte social network, Azerbaijani troops took Gizilgay mount, located 1683 metres above the sea level, which used to give the enemy the opportunity to control and keep under gunfire the village of Gunnut. The strategic importance of this height is that it allows to control the Yerevan-Goris-Gafan-Lachin highway.

The heights around the village of Gunnut had been captured by Armenian troops on May 9, 1992, as a result of which the enemy could keep the village under fire. Then the village remained on the neutral strip between the positions of Armenian and Azerbaijani troops. However, as a result of the operation of the Azerbaijani army Gunnut village was brought out of the enemy’s firing range.

The Azerbaijani Defence Ministry does not comment on the progress of our troops in Nakhchivan, Azeri Daily reports. However, several days ago Edik Baghdasaryan, the editor-in-chief of the Armenian Internet publication Hetq, the well-known Armenian military reporter, said that the Azerbaijani Army advanced on the front line in Nakhchivan and took control of huge territories. This statement is widely discussed in the Armenian segment of social networks, however, the Armenian Defence Ministry also does not comment on this information.