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Azeri was founded in 2011 by Ziyad Mehdiyev, a socio-political activist based in the United States.  Ziyad started his activities as a political activist since 2009 with his online website “” with millions of views on Youtube and Facebook. He was also actively participated in arranging and promoting 2011 March and April Protests in Baku Azerbaijan where thousands of youngsters came out to streets to protest Aliyev Regime. He’s interviewed by Al Jazeera, RFRL and other media outlets. Fearing from his family’s persecution back in home country, he mostly used pseudonym “XAN” for most of his articles interviews and caricatures. is a continuity of with more professional news and targeted audiences to fill the international news gap about Azerbaijan realities. A reality in which hundreds of activists and opposition members arrested with fake and fraudulent charges. The oppression is so systematic that there is no single free media outlet left in Azerbaijan.

Our vision is to build up a thriving independent online multimedia media platform that publishes a variety of engaging and innovative content on Azerbaijan and the region, in English and Azerbaijani.


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