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Azeri was founded in 2011 by an exiled Azeri activist. Due to his political activities, he was faced threats and several unlawful detentions by KGB (Ministry of National Security) back in his home country. He was forced to leave his native country and claimed a political asylum from the US Government.

In an environment of total government control over national television, radio channels and newspapers, has a reputation as one of the few source of unbiased information about Azerbaijan in English. is a professional news website and has targeted audiences to fill the international news gap about Azerbaijan realities. A reality in which hundreds of activists and opposition members arrested with fake and fraudulent charges. The oppression is so systematic that there is no single free media outlet left in Azerbaijan.

Our vision is to build up a thriving independent online multimedia media platform that publishes a variety of engaging and innovative content on Azerbaijan and the region, in English and Azerbaijani.


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